This is the second major project in my Ad Design class - an infographic about myself which was done in Illustrator.

We were first assigned to keep a journal of sorts for a week to keep track of activities, school, etc. Thumbnails came next and I had a lot of general ideas of how to present information. Two ideas I had that would be unique and really visually represent me were designing the infographic as a comic book spread or as the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter.

I decided to go with the Marauder’s Map design since someone else in my class had also come up with the idea to do their infographic as a comic book and I wanted mine to be different. As I continued to work on it, I found myself struggling with the layout of the map, how to break up the information and present it.

I (very) quickly brainstormed about how I could still keep the Harry Potter theme but with a different presentation and came up with the idea to do an expos√© of sorts about a week in the life of a muggle in The Daily Prophet. ¬†From there working with it was much quicker and I’m extremely satisfied with the result. It also doesn’t hurt that a lot of people in my class responded to it very well.

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