Ok so I’ve been a little bit lazy with updating this which is really my own fault because I haven’t felt too motivated to post anything or even just make a little sketch every once in a while.  Again I’m attempting to change that because I know it would be really good for myself.

Anyway, these are part of the first project for my Ad Design class this semester and both were done in Illustrator/InDesign.  The whole idea was to come up with a concept for an after school arts program and design a poster and side object (a button in my case) for promotion.

My first idea was actually completely different from this.  I called it artech with the t stylized as a plus sign to symbolize the the connection between traditional art and digital art nowadays.  But after countless attempts of playing around with the size of the plus sign I was unsatisfied because it looked awkward.  I came to the name “The Cartel” by playing off a hash tag suggestion my teacher had for artech which was #getbit and instead making it #gethit.  The name didn’t necessarily have to have the word art in it, but I felt The Cartel went well with the new hash tag.  I designed the poster by being inspired by the poster ad for Dexter where he’s smiling nonchalantly with blood splattered on his face.  My thought behind it was to invite people to unleash their “creative passenger”, much like Dexter unleashes his dark passenger on his victims.

Being that this was really the first time I’ve extensively worked in Illustrator and InDesign I’m very proud of it but I still am going to tweak it a bit at some point to improve it a little - I’m honestly not completely thrilled with the button.

If you took the time to check this out and read it all I really appreciate it!  Feedback would also be cool too! I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills!